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Jessie McElwain  

Jessie is the first point of contact with all vendors and service providers. She oversees all office operations including the planning and execution of all firm events. Create and execute all social media initiatives for the firm and The Motivated Series of job search books.  


Office Roles

As the Executive Assistant, Jessie has a significant client interaction by being the first point of contact our clients have when they call The Howard Group. In her role, she manages many different departmental duties such as: HR, Payroll, Accounting, Receivables and Office Management.

  • Prepare invoices for distribution. Process and monitor incoming payments, verifying and post receipts to match invoices.

  • Complete payments and control expenses by receiving, processing, verifying, and reconciling invoices.

  • Processing of incoming candidates, new hires, terminations, employees benefits and maintain current forms and applications.

  • Working with recruiters to ensure that opportunities to understand and meet the clients’ needs are maximized.

  • Event planning.

  • Set up and maintain office software and platforms such as; Microsoft applications, LinkedIn.

  • Report building maintenance issues

  • Identify and troubleshoot IT issues.



direct line : 913.663.2323 x 1

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