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Your Business Success Starts with the Right People

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The Howard Group is a nationally recognized executive search firm driven by a deep belief that employees drive the success of business.

We Actively Recruit Candidates


We do not post your job openings and sort through the resumes that drift in.  That is just hope-based resume farming.  We go out and actively contact qualified candidates, based on your parameters, even if they were not in the market for a new position.  


We are Seasoned Professionals


We have decades of experience as recruiters in your industry.  We have lived through the trends, evolution, developments, contractions, and growth of your industry.  We know your competitors and their products. We know the players that populate your industry and their personalities. We know how to talk to you and how to talk to the candidates you want to reach and where to find the skills you need to successfully fill your positions.



We are a True Extension of Your Hiring Executive

We recruit with your objectives in mind. We operate in a consultative manner and work with the same care to help you create a superior team as if we were in your shoes.  We truly believe a successful outcome is defined as the right match between your needs and the candidate’s goals. As such, we are deferential to your hiring process but not shy about providing recommendations and insight based upon our experience.


We Represent You With Care

When we contact candidates on your behalf, we are aware of our contribution to the candidate pool’s impression of your company.  We communicate with and treat all candidates respectfully and professionally from the point of first contact through placement or their release from the process. We believe that all candidates should have a positive impression of your company and the integrity of the process regardless of the outcome.  We take a long-term view of our relationship with you and with the candidates.


How We Are Compensated


Our fee structures are flexible and not based on a “one-size-fits-all” philosophy.   We typically work on a contingency or engagement (a small but significant up- front portion of the fee), and have used flat rates, percentages, caps, and floors.  We will discuss these options with you at the beginning of the process so we can land on a mutually agreeable amount and structure reflecting a fair fee based on the type of role searched, the difficulty of the search, and the target compensation for that role.  Retained searches are reserved for higher level executive positions and might involve a different discussion but will also encompass our philosophy of flexibility.  

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